Dr. James Kallembach, Director

Ben McKenna, President and Tour Coordinator
Hannah Flynn, Publicity Chair
Colin Fowler, Social Chair
Michael Modak-Truran, Operations Chair

Stephanie Alejandra Ortega, First-Year Representative
Daniel Muratore
Josh Pearce
Kenya Senecharles

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass
Francesca Freeman,
section leader
Tanya Rudakevych,
section leader
Colin Garon,
section leader
Michaek Modak-Truran,
section leader
Cari Glanville Megan Barnes Char Daston Jack Barbey
Ella Hester Laura Brawley Tavish Gantz Dan Cohen
Hannah Landes Meghan Elliott Sam Gersho Stephen Creighton
Emily Polner Hannah Flynn Neal Jochmann Luke Duroc-Danner
Zoë Smith Julia Fournier* Alex Manchester Colin Fowler
Allegra Steenson Stephanie Ortega Josh Pearce Avery Kriegel
  Louisa Richardson-Deppe* Kedrick Shin Ben McKenna
  Danielle Rubin   Daniel Muratore
  Kenya Senecharles    
  * away spring    

 Dr. James Kallembach (Director of Choral Activities and Senior Lecturer in Music) conducts Motet Choir along with the University Chorus and Rockefeller Chapel Choir. Prior to his appointment, he was Assistant Director of Choirs at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana, and served as Assistant Director of the Richmond Symphony Chorus. He has also served as Director of the Kokomo Symphony Chorus and as Artistic Director of the Grande Prairie Singers. Kallembach holds a doctorate of music degree in choral conducting from Indiana University, Bloomington. He has studied conducting with Paul Hillier, Jan Harrington, Carmen Téllez, Melinda O'Neal, and John Poole; he has also studied composition with Sven-David Sandström, Augusta Reed Thomas, Claude Baker, and Don Freund. Still an active composer with ongoing performances, his work has been premiered at the 1997 ALEA III International Composition Competition and published by Corda Music in the United Kingdom. He was Artistic Director for the Sounds of Faith documentary concert that recently aired on Chicago PBS. At the 2009 Oregon Bach Festival he lectured and conducted workshops and premiere performances for several composers participating in the festival. He has written for Opera News and the Choral Journal (October and November 2010). James has conducted the premiere of works by William Bolcom, Marta Ptaszynska, Sven-David Sandström, Robert Moran, Shulamit Ran, and James MacMillan (Spring 2011) among others. He is currently working with Swedish composer Sven-David Sandström to form the Choral Institute of Chicago, an organization dedicated to promoting vocal music, especially choral music, of young and established composers. He has taught at Chicago since 2005.

 Francesca Freeman (soprano) is a fourth-year, double majoring in Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies; and Anthropology with a minor in Human Rights. She is passionate about genocide prevention and enjoys having amazing Motet friends who support her activism. Francesca has survived the soprano curse and has proudly been in Motet for all four years of college. She loves pretending to be able to sing the highest notes, running across the midway to make it to Wednesday rehearsals, and really bad puns. She also hates being called Fran.

 My name is Cari Glanville (soprano). I'm a second-year Computer Science major, Music minor, and a proud Thompsonite. I sing soprano, but when I'm alone and no one can hear me--hopefully--I like to record music in all voice parts (editing the bass tracks down an octave, of course). Other than that, on the rare occasions when I don't have homework to do, I like to spend my time sketching or writing, just for fun.

 Ella Hester (soprano) is a first year from Brooklyn, NY. She is a member of Phoenix House and plans to major in History and/or Public Policy. Ella plays the bass, crochets, and is on a quest to visit at least one Popeyes in each state of our great nation with her father. You can follow their progress at

 Hannah Landes (soprano) has not yet turned in her bio.

 Emily Polner (soprano) is a third year who previously lived in Crown House. She is majoring in Sociology and minoring in Russian and East European Studies. She had never sung in a choir until high school, and she soon fell in love with the energy and magic that happens during live performances and decided to continue singing in college. When she's not singing or hanging out with Motet, Emily can be found blogging, buying shiny things, comparing Chicago to New York (her hometown), eating ice cream, and learning Disney songs in Russian.

 Zoë Smith (soprano) is a fourth year soprano majoring in English/comic books/film adaptations. She spends most of her time reading pop culture news sites and anticipating an improbably happy life in academia. She grew up in Philadelphia which is also the hometown of National Geographic's pick for best ice cream in the world.

 Allegra Steenson (soprano) is a first-year from Seattle, Washington, and a potential physics major with a specialization in astrophysics, because space is really freakin cool. She's also considering a possible second major or minor in TAPS, because she's a total theatre geek. In her free time, she enjoys swing dancing, gaining a minimum level of competence on as many instruments as possible, and listening to the same album on repeat until she can't stand it anymore. Having only lived in Chicago for a short time, she's still confused as to why there isn't a Starbucks on every block and why it isn't constantly raining. She lives in International House in Phoenix Haus.

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 Tanya Rudakevych (alto, Section Leader) is a fourth year Mathematics and Statistics major from Middletown, Maryland. Besides singing with Motet, she is also involved with WYSE, a youth mentoring student organization. She enjoys exploring the city, getting a little bit too excited about her computer science assignments, and drinking a lot of tea.

 Megan Barnes (alto) is a fourth-year Linguistics Major with a Minor in Computer Science. She hails from Portland, OREGON, which explains a lot about her. In addition to Motet, Megan spends most of her time responding to her own tweets. During her final year in the Motet Choir, she hopes to finally understand what a Motet is. After four years in the choir, she still is confused why she is the only one to bring a bottle of Moet Champagne to each rehearsal. When asked about her favorite type of ice cream, she responded, "I have no idea, who even am I?"

 Laura Brawley (alto) has not yet turned in her bio.

 Meghan Elliott (alto) hails from Arizona, land of excessive cactus and ridiculous fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk level heat. Meghan is a geeky first-year at UChicago. She plans to study psychology with the intent of going into public health... but that could change. She has too many academic interests for her own good. Outside of school, she is mildly obsessed with Star Wars, dogs, chocolate, and terrible puns. Meghan is a proud alto in Motet Choir.

 Hannah Flynn (alto, Publicity Chair) is from LA and is a fourth year in the college, but first in your heart. She is an Environmental Studies major and a Visual Arts minor, participates in the College Council on Sustainability, and is President of Green Campus Initiative. Made of carbon, water, and potpourri, Hannah has mass and occupies space.

 Julia Fournier (alto) is a third year studying law, letters, and society. When she is not singing in motet choir or with Men in Drag, an all-female a cappella group, Julia can be found making coffee at the Smart Museum cafe, or shivering in the Classics reading room of the Joseph Regenstein library. Julia also enjoys drinking tea and watching the hit food network show "Chopped" in her apartment, The Nursing Home. Julia feels her lifestyle is best described by the rapper Logic, who once said, "I stay in my house, I don't go anywhere, I don't go to parties, I barely go outside. Like literally. I really don't go outside that much."

 Stephanie Alejandra Ortega (alto, First Year Representative) is a first year from Miami, FL. She is interested in double majoring in Psychology and Comparative Human Development and minoring in Spanish and over-working herself. She spends most of her time drinking coffee, listening to jazz + Beyoncé, and making people happy on their birthdays as a Birthday Pixie for Delgiorno House. #DGH

 Louisa Richardson-Deppe (alto) is a third-year from St. Paul, Minnesota, majoring in Sociology and minoring in Spanish. Other than singing in Motet Choir, she serves coffee to the masses at Ex Libris and participates in College Council within Student Government. She is a proud Chicago Bound alum, an avid pie-baker, and a big fan of #social #media.

 Danielle Rubin (alto) is a second-year from Houston, Texas who, having finally experienced the joys of four seasons and mild summers, wishes never to move back to the South. She is a Biology major and currently works in a neurology lab, where she spends most of her time playing with blood (for science, of course) and attempting not to damage expensive equipment. In her spare time, she enjoys venturing downtown to try different restaurants, collecting odd mugs, browing 8tracks playlists, lazing around in the Vincent House lounge, and pretending to know much more about tea and dark chocolate than she actually does. She can often be found surveying campus in search of new cats to pet.

 Kenya Senecharles (alto, Board) is second year at the College. She is majoring in Comparative Human Development and minoring in Music and Human Rights. She enjoys musicals and is currently obsessed with Hamilton, the musical about the founding father without a father. When she's not singing in choir, she is organizing people on campus to build power to fight the forces of evil in the world and creating podcasts with the Vein. She loves huge belly-aching laughs, chocolate, and crass language.

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 Colin Garon (tenor, Section Leader) is a second-year in the College. He is a likely HIPSS-Public Policy double major who spends his time outside of Motet designing props for University Theater, teaching health in public high schools with Peer Health Exchange, and working in the UChicago Admissions Office.

 Char Daston (tenor) is a third-year English major. Char is a corn-fed Midwestern boy from Cincinnati, Ohio. He enjoys writing, studying practical languages such as Latin and ancient Greek, watching too many videos on Youtube, and playing the violin and ukulele. A loyal Moteter, Char counts himself among the few, proud individuals who have given James Kallembach a hug.

 Tavish Gantz (tenor) is in his fourth year in Motet. He's studying economics and Ancient Greek, a pairing of disciplines popularly known in scholarly circles as Greecon. Music is nice, but to be honest, he's is mostly in the choir for the generous pecuniary compensation he remembers being promised.

 Sam Gersho (tenor) has not yet turned in his bio.

 Neal Jochmann (tenor) is from Knoxville, Tennessee, so he may be called a "Knoxvillian." He is in his 3rd year in the college, studying computer science and East Asian literature. In addition to his work with Motet Choir, Neal is on the staff of the student literary publications Euphony and Memoryhouse. He has also acted in four productions with University Theatre. His hobbies include omelette composition and book collection. On a beautiful day he will often choose to go for a long run.

 Alex Manchester (tenor) is a first-year from Waynesboro, VA. He lives in Maclean House and is hoping to be a Math major. He also plays the piano. He enjoys science-fiction tv shows, especially Doctor Who, Orphan Black, and Star Trek.

 Josh Pearce (tenor, Board) is a fourth year math major, who is considering also majoring in big questions, with his chosen question being "why on earth did I choose to be a math major." Much to the surprise of everyone who thinks he is from Colorado or something, Josh is from Minneapolis, Minnesota. When not singing, Josh enjoys rock climbing, biking, snowboarding, Russian literature and playing guitar.

 My name is Kedrick Shin (tenor) and I am a first year. I am double majoring in economics and music, only because there is a CRAZY amount of overlap between the two. I am from the southwest suburbs of Chicago (in a town called Burr Ridge if you really want to know...). I consider myself a tenor, and, outside of choir, I enjoy swimming and playing piano and guitar, among other things. And finally, I am proud to call Blackstone my home away from home, especially since that's the house I live in. I am looking forward to being in Motet and performing the amazing repertoire we have!

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 My name is Michael Modak-Truran (bass, Operations Chair, Section Leader), and I am a fourth year in the College studying history and political science. On campus, I enjoy singing with Motet Choir, participating in the Vocal Studies Program, playing IMs for my house (Booth House, Best House), and making crazy videos for Scav. I also like movies, NPR, picturesque time lapses, and coffee.

 Jack Barbey (bass) is a native of St. Louis, Missouri. As a first year at UChicago, he lives in Kenwood House in the RGGRC. When he is not singing baritone in Motet and Rockefeller Choirs, he can be found attempting to run a photography business, riding his bike without his hands, or trying to figure out how to be a more well-rounded person.

 Hailing originally from Yonkers, New York, Dan Cohen (bass) is a third year majoring in Linguistics with a minor in Creative Writing. While his extensive use of falsetto on his off-time might suggest otherwise, (especially his-on renditions of the Queen of the Night) Dan is decidedly a 2nd bass. When he isn't singing with Motet Choir, Dan spends most of his free time procrastinating with his housemates in Salisbury, reading, or contemplating new ways to make weird sounds with his body.

 All hail Stephen Creighton (bass) of Great Falls, the Bonny Bass, the Drearily Dread Drummer, the Frighteningly Funguslike Philosopher, the Maddeningly Musty Macleaner, and Thane of the Thirdyears. Hooraaay!

 Luke Duroc-Danner is a 4th year music major originally from Houston who has also spent in the woods of New England for boarding school. When he is not musicking with Motet choir, the Chicago Chorale, or the early music ensemble, he can be found in a practi e room, cosy cafe, or various other nooks. His other interests include The Lord of the Rings, ballroom dancing, and being a hermit.

Colin Fowler (bass, Social Chair) is a third-year Chemistry and Biochemistry Major. Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, he took part in many choirs and musical groups at the Friends School of Baltimore. In addition to Motet, he works in The Ben May Department for Cancer Research in the Greene Lab. Colin has had a passion for singing and music for his entire life, and wanted to continue to deepen this passion in college as a member of the Motet Choir.

 Hi, I'm Avery Kriegel (bass). I'm a First Year at the College. I was born and raised in the woods of Upper Michigan. I'm thinking about studying Physics or Language, but I'm mostly just confused and trying to understand what it means to actually have neighbors. I live in Dodd-Mead house of BJ. When I'm feeling artistic I like to write US History/US Gov parodies of pop songs and make odd cookie cutters.

 Ben McKenna (bass, President) is a fourth-year from Brooklyn, NY, majoring in math and minoring in music, all of which make him sound a lot cooler than he is. He likes pretending to be outdoorsy: Ask him about all the functions on his Swiss Army knife! He enjoys putting things in neat piles and is the proud owner of two ice cream machines. In an unusual burst of physical activity, he accidentally broke that lamp when he was nine. You are the first person to whom he has ever admitted this.

 Daniel Muratore (bass, board) is a fourth year biology major in the college specializing in mathematical biology. In addition to singing in Motet Choir, Daniel is also a four year member of the Rockefeller Chapel choir and vocal student of Andrew Schultze. Daniel enjoys long moonlit walks on the beach, pina coladas and dancing in the rain, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

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All headshots except Char's, Emily's, Colin's, and Dr. Kallembach's are courtesy of John Barbey Photography. Thanks so much, Jack!

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